Who is Nick Tubis?

Nick Tubis is an American entrepreneur, advisor, and business strategist. He is known as one of the most sought after customer acquisition consultants in business to business commerce. He is famous for his unique lead generation and customer acquisition system that he created when he co-founded LiveVoice. His system generated his company hundreds of meetings and customers with Fortune 500 executives. In 2016 he was invited to write articles on entrepreneurship, marketing, and sales for Forbes. Nick was born on December 28th, 1994 in La Jolla, California and currently resides in Miami, Florida.

How He Got Started:

Tubis started his first business at 18 years old during his freshman year of college which delivered snacks to college students. His university made him and his business partner shut down the business because they were taking way business from on campus dining. At 19 years old, Tubis founded quickcashforgolfclubs.com from his dorm room which capitalized on an untapped niche in the golf club market. Within a few months of starting the company, the Quickcashforgolfclubs.com was making as much as much as $20,000 per month in profit. Tubis sold golf clubs in more than 20 different countries and every state in the United States.

At 21 Tubis co-founded LiveVoice which was a on-demand business support company that specialized in providing virtual reception services to small and medium businesses. This is when he developed a unique customer acquisition system that landed him consistent meetings and deals with Fortune 500 companies. His system consisted of primarily cold email marketing, content marketing, paid search, and LinkedIn marketing. LiveVoice was acquired by a large call center firm in 2017 for an undisclosed amount. Tubis then joined TSD Global as Chief Marketing Officer and pioneered the restaurant call center concept. Nick Tubis implemented his marketing system that has booked him meetings and deals with Hilton, Papa Johns, Clickfunnels, Samsung, Firehouse Subs, ADT, Wells Fargo, Tom’s Shoes, McDonalds, Equifax, Clickfunnels, Prudential, AutoZone, JC Penny, TGI Friday’s, Stripe, and hundreds of other leading companies.


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