Nick Tubis started his entrepreneurial journey as a 21 year old college student when he co-founded LiveVoice, a call center outsourcing company that provides provides on-demand help desk services like phone, live chat, email, outsourcing for small businesses to larger Fortune 1000 companies.

In the early stages, the business was almost impossible to get off the ground. Nick tried every possible way to get clients from attending expensive trade shows, bidding on Google Ads, and content marketing.

It was a constant grind and Nick was spending as much as $50 per click with Google Ads and was burning almost all of his money. 

On the verge of shutting down the business, Nick met a hugely successful, well known entrepreneur who became a mentor to him and taught him how to land high ticket clients without spending huge amounts of money on advertising.

He taught Nick the key to selling to businesses: direct marketing through a variety of unique strategies. One of these unique strategies was automation of personalized emails that could be sent to dream clients.

Nick became hooked and out of desperation started testing all kinds of different messages that he thought would strike a nerve with his target market.

Nick created a concept called the “one liner case study”. It was simply a statement of how his company produced results for a similar customer with the same need. After inserting this strategy in his messages to prospects, he was incredibly successful in booking meetings and deals with high level executives of companies like Tom’s Shoes, AutoZone, Samsung, and other fast growing companies.

After just being in business for 16 months the company was acquired in 2017!

While running LiveVoice, Nick saw another untapped opportunity in the call center space, which was to streamline phone orders for the largest restaurant chains in the world.

In 2018, Nick founded Order Solutions, which is a restaurant contact center company that handles “to go” phone orders for Hooters, Denny’s, Famous Daves, TGI Fridays, and many other large fast growing chains. He also used his automated cold email marketing strategy to rapidly grow the business.

Forbes reached out to Nick in 2018 to see if he would become a strategist for them and write articles on his client acquisition methods.

Nick began writing articles and has become a sought after freelance consultant for entrepreneurs around the world. More and more businesses started reaching out to Nick and he helped companies quickly scale their client rosters. Nick has been able to generate meetings and deals for clients with companies such as ADT, McDonalds, Denny’s, Rubio’s, Vivint, Hilton, Papa John’s, TGI Friday’s, Nationwide, MetLife, AutoZone, Samsung, and more. Then, Nick founded FreelancingClients.com as he saw the freelance revolution was exploding and was becoming the easiest way to start your own business because you could simply sell the skills, experience, and knowledge you already have.

Nick spent a year tracking down and interviewing 20 of the worlds highest paid freelancers in order to learn their strategies. Shortly after, Nick developed the Freelance Client Acquisition System in order to help freelancers and new entrepreneurs scale their business.

FreelancingClients.com helps people from all over the world are turning their skills and experience into a profitable freelance business and have direct knowledge from the worlds highest paid freelancers.

In their fist year, several students have started and grown their freelance business to earn more than $100,000 per year.